Mayapurmemories – a new beginning

Mayapurmemories Private Limited.

We have just incorporated Mayapurmemories to a private limited company to facilitate the devotees around the world in a better way. 

  • We are looking to expand our business to reach more devotees.
  • We need contact details of temple and shops that sell devotional goods.
  • We need your help.

If you can give us contact details of devotees, shops, temples that sell devotional good in or out of India we would be very grateful. In appreciation we will give you 20% off on your purchase from

If your contact buys 250$ worth from then we will add 25$  to your account on our site. That’s not all. If your contact buys more then 5000 $ of devotional goods. We will provide you 3 days and 3 nights stay in Mayapur whenever you decide to visit.

Please contact us on or call +917872729325

Thank you,

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