Express Rates for UK – Buy more pay less

Hare Krishna

Here is another example of buy more and pay less. Plase view the rates below for UK.

1:1850,  2:2360, 3:2340, 4:2680, 5:2525, 6:3330, 7:3640, 8:3920, 9:4230, 10:4550

As you can see 1 Kg costs 1850 but when you buy 5 kgs worth of stuff shipping reduces to 505 rs per kg. When it goes to 10 kgs then the rate becomes to 455 rs a kg.

Therefore its great to buy lots of stuff. Or it pays to get some friends together and buy stuff from

Enjoy Shopping 🙂 and get the mercy from the Dham !


Mayapurmemories Team

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