Govardhan Puja in Grihastha Park

Dear Devotees,

A very happy Govardhan Puja to you ! Hope you had a great day.

Here for your pleasure we have posted some nice pictures of the Govardhan Puja festival we had in Mayapur Dham today. It was at the Grihastha Park in Mayapur Dham where over 300 devotees attended the festival.

All the devotess did abhishek and offered bhoga to Girigovardhan and had a wonderful time singing, dancing and hearting katha about Sri Sri Girigovardhan.

Did you know that Krishan made a room with in Govardhan to accomodate all the Vrajvasis there during the 7 days rain that Indra showerd? Mahatma Prabhu told us some nice pastimes regarding that. It was very enjoyable and sweeet. Hope you can join us next year 🙂

It was really nice to have the community clebrating Govardhan Puja.  View the pictues.. hope you will enjoy them.

Thank you,

Your servant,

Partha Krishna das

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